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Hot water systems are an essential part of every household.

They provide the hot water we need for common everyday tasks, such as, bathing, cooking and cleaning. When your hot water system is not working it can be a huge inconvenience.

An efficient and reliable hot water system is a must for any home, investment property or business. Most people don’t realise how critical their hot water system is until it breaks down. Not only is it inconvenient, a leaky hot water cylinder could mean serious damage to your home.

We know how important a good hot water is for your home and your family life. Our team are able to diagnose any problems with your hot water system and repair or give you a quote to replace the system.

As professional tradesmen our technicians will always recommend an inspection before any repair work is completed.

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How long should a hot water system last for?

Hot water systems are expected to last between 10-20 years. There are several factors that affect how long hot water system will last. These include:

1. Water Supply

What type of water is being used in the tank and how corrosive it is. Some water is harsher on water tanks and as such the tank won’t last as long. Unfortunately this is largely out of your control and depends mostly on the water supply in your suburb.

2. Construction Material

The construction material plays a big part in how long a hot water unit can be used. Some materials last longer than others and require less maintenance.

3. Hot Water System Manufacturer

Different manufacturers use different techniques and have different build qualities. Not all hot water brands are the same!

4. Maintenance

Your hot water system will last longer if you maintain it regularly. This includes regular checks to make sure the wiring is okay and that the system isn’t leaking.

If you are unsure about the condition of your property’s hot water system and would like a second opinion give us a call today on (07) 5635 8010.

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What are the signs your hot water heater needs replacing?

Like other household electrical systems, hot water systems can fail due to many different causes. Its always better to replace your hot water system before it fails, saving you from being impacted adversely when it does fail.

Hot water tanks will fail eventually, but there are ways to avoid them breaking down prematurely. This can be particularly important for rental properties and new home purchasers.

Here is a short list of tell-tale signs you may need a new hot water system or a repair:

If you notice any of these issues with you hot water tank, give us a call and we can assess you tank for you, complete a hot water service, run any hot water repairs or give you a quote for a new tank.

New Hot Water Heater Installations

If you need a new hot water heater, our hot water specialists have you covered.

Hot water is a common household essential and we understand the inconvenience if it isn’t working. Many of the day to day activities for any Australian household are put on hold until the new hot water install is complete. These includes things like, showers, clothes washing and dish washing.

We offer a quick turn around and can work closely with other professional trades to ensure your hot water taps are running warm again as quickly as possible.

Gold Coast Hot Water Service Specialist

Our team of experienced professionals can provide expert advice and assistance on all aspects of hot water services including maintenance, repairs and servicing.

We are fully licensed and insured so you know you’re getting quality workmanship every time. Our team are happy to answer any questions you might have about your hot water system and can help you maintain your system to maximise its useful life.

Our experienced technicians can be on site this week. Call us today for more information and a free quote.

EV Charger Installers

We offer a 100% flexible system that can be installed for you in less than 7 days. 

Hot Water System Experts on the Gold Coast & Northern NSW

As Northern NSW & Gold Coast hot water experts we service clients from Coomera down to Byron Bay. We can help you find the right solution for your property and hot water tank usage. We offer free quotes and advice to give you peace of mind and will always complete an initial assessment before beginning any service, maintenance, repair or new install.

Call (07) 5635 8010 now for more information about our hot water services.

Common Hot Water System Repair Issues

A broken hot water system can be dangerous or could cause a lot of damage to your property. It’s important when dealing with any situation where electricity and water is involved to consider your safety and seek help from a professional.

Common issues our skilled technicians come across when repairing hot water systems on the Gold Coast:

We encourage our clients to check their systems regularly and stay on top of their maintenance.

If you are having issues with your system, our repair technicians can be on site this week. Give us a call today on (07) 5635 8010


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common electrical emergencies that we can service include fixing power outages, flickering lights and short circuits. 

Lifespans can vary depending on a range of factors, including materials used, the amount of maintenance given, growing electrical requirements, etc. In general, switchboards can function optimally for over ten years if they receive adequate care.

Firstly, you should immediately turn off the circuit board and unplug any appliances connected to it. You can then try resetting the circuit breaker– when possible –by switching it off and on again.

In most cases, it’s best to call a licensed electrician to discover the best ways you can safely address an overloaded circuit board so that it is safe and doesn’t cause outages. 

Yes, we love working with real estate management companies. 

It’s advised for professional maintenance to be organised at least once a year. This helps prolong the lifespan of your switchboard and mitigate risks of electrical fires or costly outages.

Yes, we service all locations down the coast from Coomera to Byron Bay. This included properties inside the gates in Sanctuary Cove.