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Please call our 24/7 Emergency Response Team immediately on (07) 5635 8010. We can isolate power, find the fault, liaise with Energex, and help you regain power and service.

If anyone is seriously hurt or injured, please call 000.

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Does my property need A Switchboard Upgrade?

Older switchboards may pose a safety risk and aren’t suitable for modern homes. Older homes have older wiring so better protection is needed to monitor the old wiring to prevent electrical faults. Upgraded switchboards can help reduce the risk of electrical fires and increase the electrical load capacity of your property.

Upgrading your switchboard could be more efficient than your existing installation and save money on your electricity bills as well as reduce the risk of injury from electrocution and fire.

If you are unsure about your switchboard and would like a 2nd opinion from a licensed electrician, call us today and one of our team can help you!

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When should I get a switchboard upgrade?

Electrical switchboards, also known as fuse boxes or meter boxes, are the heart of any electrical system. They are the central point that control for flow of electricity to each appliance and area of a property.

It is important that your switchboard is in good working order and well maintained. A switchboard upgrade may protect against fire hazards and electrical faults.

Our qualified electrician will carry out an inspection before carrying out any work on your switchboard. This is to ensure that the electrical circuit is safe and that there are not further underlying issues that need to be repaired.

Here are the most common issue you might find which suggest you may need a switchboard upgrade:

1. Fuse boxes tripping

Fuse boxes should be upgraded if there are problems with fuses blowing or tripping.

2. Flickering lighting

Flickering lights could indicate an issue with wiring or a faulty breaker

3. Buzzing sounds

Buzzing sounds could mean a problem with the electrical system

4. Old wiring

An older switchboard could cause problems if there are issues with the wiring.

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Reasons for Upgrading Your Switchboard

The most common reason for an upgraded is that the electrical current and voltage requirements for the property have increased significantly since the original switchboard was installed. Overloaded switchboards are both an electrical and fire risk, if a system is overloaded it can also cause power outages.

A modern switchboard should last 15-20 years and include up-to-date circuit protection devices such as safety switches (RCDs) and safe circuit breakers.

If you have an outdated switchboard we strongly suggest you get it upgraded and recommend any electrical switchboard that was installed pre-2000 gets checked. The reason for this is some of the components of older switchboard may now be outdated for example, porcelain fuses, and may now be a safety hazard.

A new switchboard will provide better protection for against fire hazards and the risk of electric shock, protecting both yourself and your property.

If you notice any of these issues with you hot water tank, give us a call and we can assess you tank for you, complete a hot water service, run any hot water repairs or give you a quote for a new tank.

What determines the Cost of a new Switchboard or Switchboard Upgrade?

The most common factors that determine the cost on installing a new switchboard include:

  • Size,
  • Type of switchboard,
  • location on the property,
  • Whether its inside or outside,
  • Any existing issues with the existing wiring or current switchboard.

Our licensed electricians will complete a fault finding check before installing the new switchboard, this is to ensure there are no safety hazards and that the electrical current is safe.

Your current electrical system could be outdated and require rewiring. This can add to the overall cost of the project.

Are Ceramic Fuses Safe for my property?

Fuse wires are made to a specific size to ensure that the cable supplying power to that circuit can only safely handle a particular amount of current. Electrical wiring should always be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A ceramic fuse can overheat if too much current flows through it, this can cause switchboard issues or in the certain circumstances an electrical fire.

A lot of older ceramic fuses and porcelain fuses are now old and brittle. This can be dangerous to touch and when exposed to live terminals. When there is no control over the size of fuse wire used – this can allow circuits to be overloaded.

Ceramic fuses should not be touched by unqualified persons and should be replaced by a licenced electrician.

Switchboard Installers

We offer a 100% flexible system that can be installed for you in less than 7 days. 

Electrical Safety Devices: RCBOs, Fuses, Circuit Breakers & Safety Switches

Safety devices are essential parts of any electrical system. They help prevent damage or injury caused by faulty wiring. These devices protect your property and save lives, it is important to ensure they are checked annually and kept in safe working order.

There are four main types of safety devices in domestic electrical circuits: fuses, RCBOs circuit breakers and RCDs or safety switches.

Each type of device has its own purpose and function:


Fuses provide protection to electrical circuits from overcurrent. If too much current passes through a fuse, the fuse will break the electrical flow in the circuit and the fuse will need to be replaces once the cause of the overcurrent has been determined and fixed.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers interrupt the current flowing through the circuit to protect equipment and property and reduce chance of fire.

RCD Switches

An RCD switch is a lifesaving device. They are designed toshut off power immediately if it senses current flowing down an unintended path.


RCBOs or residual current circuit breakers have a residual current sensing component that automatically disconnects the circuit when the current exceeds the rated level, or a fault happens in a connected circuit. They are designed to protect both property and lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common electrical emergencies that we can service include fixing power outages, flickering lights and short circuits. 

Lifespans can vary depending on a range of factors, including materials used, the amount of maintenance given, growing electrical requirements, etc. In general, switchboards can function optimally for over ten years if they receive adequate care.

Firstly, you should immediately turn off the circuit board and unplug any appliances connected to it. You can then try resetting the circuit breaker– when possible –by switching it off and on again.

In most cases, it’s best to call a licensed electrician to discover the best ways you can safely address an overloaded circuit board so that it is safe and doesn’t cause outages. 

Yes, we love working with real estate management companies. 

It’s advised for professional maintenance to be organised at least once a year. This helps prolong the lifespan of your switchboard and mitigate risks of electrical fires or costly outages.

Yes, we service all locations down the coast from Coomera to Byron Bay. This included properties inside the gates in Sanctuary Cove.